Ditch 12, 15A, and 16A Watershed

• Ditch 12 – 10/23/2023 - The mowing crew mowed cleaned out brush and debris from this ditch.
Brush and debris were also removed from the concrete ditch area on Main Street.

• Ditch 12 – 10/24/2023 through 10/26/2023 - Our crew thoroughly cleaned and mowed this ditch and made sure the entire system was in great condition. The mowing crew took great care to safely perform the tasks.

During the month of March 13 through March 14, 2024

The crew sprayed and mowed in the bottom of the ditches. Routine steps were maintained for efficiency and safety.
The following ditches were mowed during this time period:
• Ditch 12A (3/13/2024) The crew mowed and sprayed this ditch system.
• Ditch 12B (3/14/2024) This ditch was sprayed only.