Ditch 7 Watershed

Maintenance Crew Completed mowing on April 13, 2023

We completed ditch 7B on June 1, 2023. That is including the Emken Linton ditch. We also completed the College of the Mainland ditch as well.

• Ditch 7E – 10/17/2023 and 10/19/2023 - The mowing crew completed mowing this entire ditch system, and no unusual occurrences took place.
• Ditch 7A – 10/30/2023 and 10/31/2023 - Our crew mowed this entire ditch system, and safety as always was a top priority. The job was done thoroughly and looked great when completed.
• Ditch 7B – 11/6/2023 – This ditch was overgrown, so the mowing crew cleaned out brush and debris, to free up the system. When it was completed, it was back to looking great again.